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Vol.22 Latest News on BAC and Yan Gallery

BAC IHK WELL DUNK! Basketball Grand Final

The WELL DUNK! Basketball championship and award ceremony held by InspiringHK at Southern Stadium last Saturday afternoon has drawn a large audience.

A highlight of the award presentation ceremony session: The head coach of Hong Kong Basketball Legend A1 Pegasus(建龍飛馬) Mr. Heung Chun Keung was invited to be one of the presenters. Mr. Heung, being the Training Chief Inspector, has always been a supportive role for the project since the very beginning. Among the six incredible basketball games in a row, the inclusive game participated by players from Hong Kong Sports Association For Persons With Intellectual Disability could be the most rewarding one. The excitement was not inferior to the Gold Cup Finals.


Apart from the intense competition at Southern Stadium, InspiringHK also had a pop-up basketball court at Lee Tung Avenue. As 24 youth estate basketball teams compete for the ultimate championship, the outdoor basketball court, whose set-up was inspired by public housing estates, will show you the stories behind Well Dunk! programme and the concept of this year’s trophy designed by artist Ren Zhe,.

As InspiringHK Sports Foundation’s honorable creative director, Ren Zhe hopes to convey a positive and indomitable spirit to society through the artistic concepts carried in his works. Together with InspiringHK, Ren wishes to guide the youths of Hong Kong to challenge and to surpass themselves with an optimistic attitude while realizing their self-worth and delivering positive energy back to society. The concept of the medals and trophy for this year’s award presentation ceremony stems from a signature element that is commonly embedded within his sculptures: hemp rope - strands of thread that are intertwined together to form an object. Ren hopes that the youths can strive towards unity, and to work on self-cultivation to achieve breakthroughs at the same time. Structure of the material together with the artist’s craftsmanship fully expressed harmony and vitality.

The Luxe Lifestyle - Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Yan Gallery is pleased to announce that we are participating the Luxe Lifestyle at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, which showcases coveted brands in fine art, jewellery, luxury horology, beauty and fashion, coming together for an inspirational shopping experience like no other.

As a homage to the gallery’s close relationship with the celebrated artist Wu Guanzhong, we are exhibiting an exclusive range of the artist’s most sought after prints. The Gallery is also bringing a series of acrylic paintings by visual story-telling artist Louise Soloway Chan, which have been previously showcased in her exhibition “Contactless”, reflecting on the pandemic and explores the lack of ‘contact’ brought between humans. Three sculptures by BAC’s artist Ren Zhe will also appear in the Luxe Lifestyle showcase.

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