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Pang Jiun

Pang Jiun was born in 1936 to a literary and artistic family in Shanghai. His father, Pang Xunqin, and his mother, QiuTi, were famous artists. Graduates from the China Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing

As a young man, he studied under Lin Fengmian, Pan Tianshou, Huang Binhong, Xu Beihong, and Li Keran. These masters introduced him to the field of artistic creation and helped develop his unique style.

Pang's works combine Chinese and Western artistic thought, using oil paint to bring forth the glory of Impressionism and explosiveness of Fauvism. At the same time, traditional Chinese literati painting runs in his blood. He transfers the sentiments and scenes of painting along with highly spiritual Oriental philosophy to the world of Western oil painting.

He believes that while Western oil painting techniques are important, cultural cultivation is essential for artists to develop t heir unique creativities creativity and distinctive techniques. In regard to colour application, Pang's unique oriental oil painting style embodies the passion and expression of Western painting combined with Chinese cultural philosophy. The result is a body of unique artistic concepts and works. Pang's oil paintings have a style of oriental freehand ink paintings, and process meanings beyond the presentation of brushwork. His unique style may be regarded as works of Eastern Humanistic Expressionism.

Pang Jiun: Pro Gallery

"A Journey of Promise"

Pang Jiun Hong Kong Solo Exhibition 2018

Curated by Boundless Artists Collective

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