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Vol.19 Giving Back and Artist Update


As a company that aims to give back to society, BAC has sponsored a project called WELL DUNK!. Organised by our charity partner, Inspiring Hong Kong Sports Foundation, this initiative is a public estate basketball league and training programme that offers sporting opportunities for underprivileged youths in Hong Kong.

Comprised of 24 different groups, every donor is essentially assigned with their own team. This year, BAC is extremely proud to represent and support the Mei Lam Titans. After almost two months of closure of all sports facilities, the team has recently completed their sixth match against Sha Kok Rebound under social distancing measures. We wish our team the best of luck and hope that they will qualify for the Grand Finals which will be held on 24 July at the Southern Stadium.

By providing financial support, we are hoping that children in Hong Kong have access to a childhood that is filled with the balance and active experience needed to thrive through our partnership with IHK.

Jersey Inspiration

To ensure that the Mei Lam Titans compete in style, we envisioned a jersey that would be completely unique and meaningful to the individual players. As IHK’s honourable creative director, artist Ren Zhe took the opportunity to design our team’s jerseys. Best known for his warrior sculptures that convey a sense of positivity and inner power, the artist has attempted to portray this expressed lofty spirit to motivate the Mei Lam Titans whilst competing on the basketball courts. Keeping this in mind, Ren Zhe took inspiration from one of his most iconic sculptures “Vajra Heart (金剛心)”.

Deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism “Vajra Heart (金剛心)” emphasises the importance of staying grounded and present in this ever-changing world. Ren Zhe believes that this sculpture is particularly fitting as he hopes that it will remind the Mei Lam Titans to remain calm and collected in tough situations. The focus on the inner relationship between the tangible and the intangible is a representation of the extrinsic and intrinsic motivational aspects of sports.

An Update on Francesco Lietti

As an artist who has worked on numerous collaborations ranging from commissioned pieces for international firms to international schools and residential spaces, “Something for Everyone” is one of Francesco Lietti’s latest and most exciting projects. Measuring 200x600cm (3 panels), this large-scale artwork was created as a commissioned piece for Cushman & Wakefield in Hong Kong. Renowned as a global commercial real estate company, this painting has graced their office lobby space in One Island East, Quarry Bay.

The painting’s composition is highly unique in the way in which Hong Kong Island (left) and the Kowloon Peninsula (right) are both visually connected with the city’s iconic Victoria Harbour. Referencing the artist’s signature style in vivid textured colours and dream-like imagery, this painting invites viewers to step into Francesco’s otherworldly cityscape.

To learn more about Francesco:

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