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Ventures & Partners

Yan Gallery

G/F, 1 Hollywood Rd,

Central Hong Kong

Yan Gallery is committed to promoting the works of both established and emerging Chinese artists. The gallery exclusively represents a prestigious group of artists, such as Wu Guanzhong, Pang Jiun, Shen Han Wu, Yang Mingyi, Chen Lianqing, Shen Jingdong, Cao Xiaodong and Liang Liqiang amongst others.

Pottinger 22

22 Pottinger Street,

Central Hong Kong

Pottinger 22 is an art space curated by Boundless Artists Collective. It is a venue designed for art and cultural exchanges- to bring the world’s best artistic talents and culture to the city, to provide a platform for artists to showcase their works, as well as to encourage creativity and artistic development. Pottinger 22’s vision is to become the leader in facilitating collaborations between the art, cultural and commercial projects by creating a platform for the relevant participants to exchange ideas. 

Partners: What We Do

InspiringHK Sports Foundation 

Hong Kong

Inspiring Sports Foundation is a Hong Kong-based charity, founded in 2012 to develop better youths through sports. Their mission is to promote and facilitate equal access to sports training for youths - regardless of their economic background, gender, ethnicity, religion and disability as well as to promote gender equality, social inclusion and a healthy lifestyle. IHK carry out their missions through long-term sports training, learning experience activities and advocacy.

Jouer’s culinary creations embody the brand’s playful spirit and sumptuous style. From their inventive macaron flavors and exquisitely-crafted cakes, to their pastry installations and bespoke canapé experiences, Jouer aims to titillate both taste buds and imagination.

Dust of Gods

Toronto, Ontario,


Dust of Gods by Antonio Tadrissi is a brand creating truly unique, wearable art. Creative Direction is overseen by Tadrissi who is a true multi-hyphenate: Design Architect, sculptor, taste maker and entrepreneur. Each jacket is individual and cannot be duplicated, which makes them truly unique, and sustainable that have never actually been worn before. As modelled by celebrities like Demi Lovato, Migos, Scott Disick, Guatam Gulati, and more.

Pretty Huge Obstacles



Pretty Huge Obstacles is Asia’s first and largest multi-level obstacle sports facility. With over 2,000 sqm of dedicated recreation space, Pretty Huge Obstacles introduces a unique, non-mainstream approach to achieving and maintaining an active lifestyle by way of obstacle racing.

Jouer Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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