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Vol.16 A Look Back At 2020

1) Wu Guanzhong and Hong Kong

Earlier on this year in June, Boundless Artists Collective presented ‘Wu Guanzhong and Hong Kong’ at 22 Artspace, a three-day exhibition comprising of the celebrated artist’s paintings from Mr. Fong Yuk Yan’s collection. Over the course of the exhibition, Boundless Artists Collective also held a dynamic panel talk between Mr Fong Yuk Yan (Wu Guanzhong’s prime art dealer), Felix Kwok from Sotheby’s, and Tinny Cheng from The Culturalist.

2) Ren Zhe Webinar: Sculpting Asian Spirit

In August, Boundless Artists Collective supported Sotheby’s in organising a webinar with HSBC about artist Ren Zhe’s sculptures. ‘Sculpting the Asian Spirit’ provided insight into Ren Zhe’s artistic journey and creative inspirations - including his collaborations with world-renowned brands, movie stars and athletes, and his view towards the future prospect of Asian sculptures.

3) Louise Soloway-Chan "Contactless" Exhibition

In October, Boundless Artists Collective rose to the occasion to present its first ever virtual exhibition ‘Contactless’ by Louise Soloway Chan. Utilising an immersive technology to offer the most engaging viewing experience, Louise’s paintings from ‘Contactless’ capture scenes of everyday life in Hong Kong amid a global pandemic and explore the way in which the human spirit navigates adversity during these unprecedented times.

4) Fine Art Asia 2020

At Fine Art Asia last month, our sister company, Yan Gallery opened it’s booth to the public featuring works by well renowned and emerging artists. The exhibition consisted of Wu Guanzhong’s limited edition prints, calligraphies by both Anthony Wong and Dong Zhenghe, as well as exceptional sculptures by Ju Ming, Ren Zhe, and Wang Xinggang. In spite of entering the city’s fourth wave of COVID-19 with trepidation, Fine Art Asia 2020 served as a real testament to the art market’s resilience and proved that there was still a pent-up desire for art.

5) Urban Rhapsody by Francesco Lietti

Recently, Boundless Artists Collective also launched Urban Rhapsody, a solo exhibition by Francesco Lietti at the Pullman Hotel. Francesco’s paintings featured in this exhibition display his mastery of colours - bringing together opposing palettes of ebullient hues to convey Hong Kong’s dynamic and vibrant energy.

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