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VOL.14 BAC Latest Exhibition and Collaboration


Contactless by Louise Soloway Chan

‘Contactless’ is now available to view online until 15 December 2020. The exhibition presents twenty-two figurative ink paintings on rice paper by British-born, Hong Kong-based visual storytelling artist Louise Soloway Chan. The artist’s works capture scenes of everyday life in Hong Kong amid the pandemic and explores the way in which the human spirit navigates adversity during these unprecedented times. Upon closer inspection, these paintings reflect on how the impact of isolation measures have created a climate of loneliness, fear and anxiety within the society.

Virtual Exhibition ‘Contactless’ by Louise Soloway Chan

Date: 15 October - 15 December

Venue: 22 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Collaboration with Batten and Kemp

Artist Alexandra Batten and Daniel Kamp

Boundless Artists Collective’s art space 22 is delighted to collaborate with Batten and Kamp, a creative partnership between interior architect Alexandra Batten and designer Daniel Kamp.

Renowned for embracing natural elements in design within contemporary life, the dynamic duo has designed a bespoke roof garden bench to suit and reflect 22 innovative art space.

Strata (2012) at Roof garden, 22 Space

This statement piece walks the fine line between sculpture and design. Its title ‘Strata’ alludes to the overlapping structure of 22 as a building and analyses the ideas between humans, art and nature. It addresses a constant shift in 22’s hierarchical system and tackles with the idea of how artworks, nature, and its workspace are integrated into one another.

The bench is elegantly minimal, almost rustic, and builds off Batten and Kamp’s significant conceptual works. Incorporating raw materials such as natural stones, the designers explore the relationship between materials and how they respond to its surrounding environment.

Ren Zhe's 12 Zodiacs

We are soon to unveil sculptural works by artist Ren Zhe that will be exclusively installed at Pottinger 22. Displayed on the rooftop will be a smaller version of the artist’s 12 Zodiacs series that were featured in the Qi Exhibition, Taimiao in The Forbidden City last year. This will mark the artist’s return in showcasing works to the public since his major aforementioned exhibition and the pieces from this special collection reflect the idea of individuality.

“What ultimately makes up the 12 zodiacs are the different groups of people which make up a society. And within our society, we always search for our own identity through the eyes of others.” - Ren Zhe

These works were also displayed for the Qi Wangfu Central Exhibition in 2019. To learn more, please click here (

Nestled amongst sumptuous vegetation, viewers will be invited for a fully immersive experience and to view these sculptures in the flesh.

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