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VOL.13 The Latest Updates on BAC Artists

Updated: Sep 23, 2020


Unveiling Ren Zhe's Latest Artistic Creations

News about Ren Zhe's most recent collection

Born in 1983, Ren Zhe is revered as a pioneer of contemporary Chinese sculpture. His works cast a critical eye upon art historical tropes and examine both traditional Chinese aesthetics and philosophies with Western artistic expression, re-interpreting them in his inimitable style. Brimmed with vigour and vivid expression through the artist’s freehand approach, his works capture the spirit of humanistic aspirations - an ideal that Ren Zhe fostered from studying Chinese literary classics.

The Guardian



614 x 226 x 245 cm

Ren Zhe’s newest sculptural piece “The Guardian” was recently collected by Hong Kong Parkview and is currently on view at Block 15. The boundless strength, bravery, and vitality of the two guardians are encapsulated in the artist’s eponymous work.

Featured here are two warriors on a Taihu stone with wings fanned across the composition, symbolising the unyielding power and unbreakable bond they have for each other. When reflected against the work’s medium, bronze, the sun casts a warm golden glow which represents sacredness while the figure’s silver stainless steel exemplifies solemnity and eternity.

"Boundless Scroll” and “Noble Tranquility” at Wang Fu Central, Beijing

These two monumental sculptures are collected by Wang Fu Central in Beijing and are exhibited in the green space of the West building. One depicting a warrior playing a stringless quqin and the other writing on a blank scroll.

Boundless Scroll


Stainless steel

130 x 132 x 180 cm

This work of art captures a moment frozen in time - a warrior’s swift movements as he writes on an empty ‘boundless scroll’. The piece of scroll is thought to resemble the spirit of Laozi’s beliefs.

Noble Tranquility


Stainless steel

230 x 170 x 190 cm

A person’s strength is not determined by his outward appearance alone but rather radiates from the depths of his soul. In “Noble Tranquility”, Ren Zhe attempts to capture a moment in time, creating a stark contrast between the sculpture’s physical stillness and the figure’s movement. The warrior featured in this sculpture is faced with an empty log. In fact, he is playing an ancient guqin whilst he enters an ethereal state. The artist associates this work of art with Laozi’s philosophy, “Da Yin Xi Sheng” - reminding viewers that oftentimes, this sense of silence and emptiness conveys a more powerful message. Ren Zhe encourages viewers to take a closer look, to observe and feel the warrior’s graceful energy as he strums the instrument.

Latest Crossover Collaborations

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