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Vol.18 New Year, New Artistic Aspirations

BAC x Jouer CNY Gift Set

To celebrate the New Year festivities, Boundless Artists Collective collaborated with Jouer to create sensory gifting experiences for families, friends, and valued clients. Taking a modern twist on traditional Chinese New Year candy boxes (全盒), the Prosperity Gift Box features a variety of delightful treats from Jouer’s signature CNY macarons to their Petit Fours (wa mui pu-er chocolate truffles, sesame covered marshmallows, sea salt milk candy, and pate de fruit).

Not to mention its carefully crafted design, the box is elevated with a sense of personal touch - adorned with a bespoke sketch of Ren Zhe’s sculpture “Formidable Strength” alongside a calligraphy piece written by the artist himself. What better way to titillate one’s taste buds and imagination?

Heading Strong Into the Year of the Ox

This month, we are excited to present one of Ren Zhe’s newest sculptures, “Formidable Strength”. Displaying perseverance and strength through the subject’s posture, an indomitable sense of power is especially evident in its forelegs. Charged with vigour as demonstrated through the artist’s gestural strokes across the figure’s body, “Formidable Strength” exudes a fresh and rustic quality that is unparalleled to Ren Zhe’s other works in the same medium.

The Ox is widely renowned as a symbol of exoticism in the West and the second figure in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, which makes “Formidable Strength” an exemplary sculpture to celebrate this Lunar New Year.

Gravity XLI by Chen Yingjie (b. 1991)

Organised by MOCA Shanghai, Chen Yingjie’s latest monumental mural artwork “Gravity XLI” dominates one of Shanghai’s most historical streets, Nanchang Road. Employing urban architecture as his canvas, the artist’s work alludes to the natural change in seasons. Depending on the weather, the trees are able to cast various shadows which creates dynamic movement within the piece. Chen aims to explore the multiple layers of traditional Chinese landscape painting by incorporating experimental painting methods to highlight the mural’s Oriental spirit.

Chen Yingjie, commonly referred as Hua Tunan is an emerging young artist. Born in Foshan and having studied at the Raffles Design Institute in Singapore, Chen currently works and resides in Shunde (Guangdong, China).

From a young age, the artist’s father exposed him to the fundamental frameworks of traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy, hence instilling in him a sense of national pride as displayed in his works. After studying abroad in Singapore, he started to experiment with street art and graffiti. Inspired by the colours and different medium, this led to the birth of his idiosyncratic style - a combination of traditional Chinese ink paintings with Western graffiti art.

More about Chen Yingjie:

See “Gravity XLI”: 292 Nanchang Road, Shanghai, China

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