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VOL.15 Latest News on BAC

In spite of entering the city’s fourth wave of COVID-19 with trepidation, Fine Art Asia 2020 served as a real testament to the art market’s resilience and proved that there was still a pent-up desire for art. Showcasing a wide range of collectibles ranging from Asia to the West, the art fair attracted a community of art collectors and connoisseurs.

A major highlight was an exhibition presented by our sister company, Yan Gallery - displaying artworks by well renowned and emerging Chinese artists. Hanart TZ also presented beside Yan Gallery, featuring monumental landscape paintings by Chinese artists Xu Longsen and Yan Shanchun.

Overall, the art fair provided a glimpse of hope for the future and it was truly encouraging to witness the art scene regain a sense of normalcy.

This month, Boundless Artists Collective is pleased to present Urban Rhapsody, a solo exhibition by Francesco Lietti at the Pullman Hotel. Francesco’s paintings featured in this exhibition display his mastery of colours - bringing together opposing palettes of ebullient hues to convey Hong Kong’s dynamic and vibrant energy. As an Italian artist who has lived in the city for more than ten years, Francesco is deeply influenced by Hong Kong’s diverse qualities and seeks to transcend them into a dream-like fantasy whilst retaining a sense of reality.

The artist’s playful works from Urban Rhapsody are currently displayed in Parklane a Pullman Hotel’s cafe and lobby area.

Parklane a Pullman Hotel, 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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